Only (Harmony Series #17) – Michael Pisaro

Field recording; steel sink; electronics – performance of Only (Harmony Series #17), by Michael Pisaro – available for free download from Compost & Height


Anywhere Anything Happens. On the chalk cliffs overlooking the port of Dover all life materialises, detected, surveilled, in countless acts of observation, then passes – translucent, then transparent, then gone – beyond the border. Engines, announcements, wind through grass, quiet loud still turbulent. Moments frozen; time like glass, space like glass; listening to listening to listening; the serpent coils on itself. Your attention, please.

Recorded in Dover, Kent, UK – 3rd June 2013

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In 2009 Jason Brogan and Compost and Height curated a series of 21 realisations of Only [Harmony Series #17]. Full details and downloads are available here.

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Only [harmony series no. 17]
for one musician

to Manfred

Void Only

Time like glass
Space like glass
I sit quiet
Anywhere Anything
Quiet loud still turbulent
The serpent coils
On itself
All things are translucent
Then transparent
Then gone
Only emptiness
No limits
Only the infinitely faint
Of the coiling mind

—Kenneth Rexroth

In a large, open space (possibly outdoors).
For a long time.
Sitting quietly.
A few times, playing an extremely long, very quiet tone.

June, 2005/ May-July, 2006

Only [Harmony Series #17] by Michael Pisaro, realisation by Seth Cooke

Dover, view from the cliffs

Recording on the cliffs