aussen raum – Stefan Thut

Composed by Stefan Thut; no-input field recording and stereophonic field recording by Seth Cooke; cassette and download out now on Notice Recordings.

aussen raum – Stefan Thut, 2008

im aussen raum – an area outside

(mehrmals) – (several times)

zwischen klang und rauschen – between sound and noise

The River Frome was diverted in the 1240s and 1820s, then culverted between 1858 and 1938. It was used for defence, trade and sewerage before its burial beneath Bristol’s commercial centre.

The 1998 redevelopment included a series of water features marking the river’s subterranean path, from the relocated statue of Neptune to the padlocked outlet where it emerges into St. Augustine’s Reach. The remodelling was criticised in the 2010 Bristol Central Area Action Plan: Cherish & Change Summary due to binge-drinking culture, fumes, traffic flow, safety, noise and “dribbling” fountains.

This symbolic Frome is a self-contained freshwater system. The rivers are disparate; the tribute water irreconcilable.

'aussen raum' - Stefan Thut / Seth Cooke